Privacy Policy

The Gray Bear is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers at all times. However, we do not spam or sell any information we get on our website.

We sincerely abide by the notion of securing each piece of information. This specifically includes the client's personal information as well as website visitors’ information. The privacy policy intends to collect, store, and process all of your and our data. In addition, this page describes your rights to the data you enter and how you can reach out to us for your queries.

By all means, you abide by our policy terms and conditions by visiting our website. Moreover, we are eligible to reconstruct our terms. Therefore, we request you to check this section from time to time to stay updated.

Applicable To

These policy terms apply to all who try to interact with us by any means. This includes users of websites, blogs, service information requests, or even chat support. Thus, a click on our website counts as your connection with us.

How We Collect Data

Users interact with us through blogs, forms, chat support, or even request information. We simultaneously collect this data through user interaction.

1. Data We Request:

We may ask you to provide us with the below information when you request or reach out to us for any services:

  • Your Name
  • Your Country
  • Email Id
  • Phone Number
  • Other Information Required

Additionally, we may collect information while registering or discussing a prospective customer.

2. Cookies:

A cookie, in particular, is a small field of information. It helps us analyze and gather data about your visit to our website. However, it does not provide us with any personal information about our visitors. Furthermore, you can opt-out by not accepting the cookies. Using Incognito mode in the browser is also helpful.

We have integrated a few third-party services. This helps us to simplify and enhance your experience on our website. However, their privacy policies differ from The Gray Bear, and we encourage you to read them once.

3. Google Analytics:

We imbibe third-party services to enhance the user experience. At any rate, we do not collect your personal information without your consent. We collect data from a number of sources. This includes a browser, device, IP address, and website interaction. If you are keen on understanding more about how Google Analytics works, you can anytime visit their page or read their privacy policy.

4. ZOHO:

The Gray Bear loves to keep the relationship with their customers solid and loyal. Simply put, we use a very secure and trusted CRM, namely ZOHO, to save the contact details our clients share with us. Additionally, you can anytime check the details by reaching to read their privacy policy.

5. MailChimp:

We believe in high customer retention. Therefore, we frequently engage in promotions and new offers. For instance, we send promotional mail to our potential customers. This helps them benefit from our offers. To track their interests, we provide them with ideal support through emails. Additionally, individual emails can send us the calculated click rates, which enhance engagement. We use an authentic and popular tool, namely Mailchimp, for email campaigns. We also encourage you to check their policy for more information.

6. Lucky Orange:

We use Lucky Orange to receive your interaction analytics with The Gray Bear. Lucky Orange notably records site interactions only with our website. It does not hold any information about other websites browsed by you. We keep a record of data for the past 30 days and utilize it to identify where our support is required. Please visit Lucky Orange's policy to learn more about data collection and its uses.

Why We Collect Customer's Information After Acceptance?

Read the below reasons for collecting customer data:

  • For management of our website and tracking visitors' navigation. This is useful to point out their interests in better service and support.
  • We may send you email notifications if there are any changes to our privacy policy, terms, or services arise.
  • Using this information, we can update our records and analyze the customer's interests. This enables us to provide customers with the right services that interest them.
  • Updating customers on new products and services, upcoming events, offers, and promotions.
  • To provide services efficiently, as requested by you. This is done through any means of communication to develop an app or deploy the project.
  • Reaching out to you effectively about all your service-related inquiries.
  • To provide adequate customer support and interact well with customers.
  • Identify and block any faulty transactions or unauthorized activities. This helps to report spam and protect the rights of The Gray Bear and its users.
  • We observe and reconstruct marketing reports and make necessary changes that benefit our users.

How Is Your Data Safe and Secure?

The information is protected from theft or destruction through appropriate authorization. Furthermore, no manipulation or exposure can occur as we protect every piece of data that comes to us.

In case you have any safety concerns, you can always check our privacy policy or write to us at with your concerns.

Is Your Personal Data Shared?

As mentioned earlier, we do not share your data with any of the above third parties in any circumstances.

How Is Your Data Protected?

We collect your required information to establish a connection and provide a seamless service to you in the future. In fact, we do not reveal any information to anyone during this procedure. Moreover, we take complete care of the data security so that there are no possible loopholes or gaps for data to be exposed.

While scrolling our website, you may come across a few fields where you need to fill in details related to personal information. The Gray Bear does not sell, rent or share any information with any third party. All in all, the data is specifically utilized for future communication, internal use, and records.

We have significant control over the data. Our privacy policy reassures a loyal and trustworthy association with you in every way possible.

Authority Access Given To You

You have absolute right over the information that you lend to us. Below are the choices given to you related to your data usage.

  • Want to get rid of emails? Unsubscribe from our promotional emails and change notification preferences. Immediately after, you will not receive any information or email from our end.
  • Naturally, you can choose to ignore the forms on the website and not fill in any information.
  • Change your consent at any point of conversation or the data you provided earlier.
  • Meanwhile, you can deny sharing any information through chat support.
  • You can write to us at or call +1.512.333.1569 if you have questions about our privacy policy.