Who Are the
Target Audience for Our Blog Posts?

While you pitch for any blog/article/ guest post, it is always necessary to keep in mind who you are writing for.

We would appreciate content like:

  • Technical blogs on the IT sector
  • Blogs on IoT products, mobile applications, gadgets, and smart wearables
  • Technology posts about industries like automotive, education, retail, food, entertainment, IT, etc.
  • Business blogs
  • Startups and SME related blogs

Do You Think You Can Write Content for Us?

If you believe that the type of content you write is at par with the quality of content The Gray Bear published, then please send a sample write-up via email at content@thegraybear.com.

Moreover, please do mention the below-given details in the email.

  • A brief summary about you at beginning
  • Your name
  • The name of your company and a link to your company’s website
  • Other links that show us your identity or are helpful to understand you better (Twitter/ LinkedIn page/ Social Media Account)
  • 3-4 topics of your interest which you wish to write on

Submit Your Article

Once we have reviewed your sample content and have found you to be a suitable guest writer, we will respond back with one of the topics proposed by you in the mail. You can then start writing your guest post with all the below-mentioned criteria. The next step would be to attach the article in Microsoft Word Document- .doc format.

Follow These Guidelines Before Submitting a Guest Post

Below given are the guidelines which a writer needs to adhere to while writing a guest post. Failing to meet these criteria will result in the rejection of the blog post.

General Guidelines

  • The word count should be from 3500 to 5000 words.
  • The post should be written in the English language.
  • Write content within your area of expertise for the best possible quality.
  • Keep the content interesting and engaging, with high quality and readability.
  • The content must not be similar to previously published posts on our website.

Guidelines Specific to Content’s Quality

  • The content should be grammatically sound.
  • There should be no misleading information.
  • In-depth research and a good flow should be present.
  • The content should be 100% unique and without plagiarism.
  • Add specific headings, sub-headings, keywords, and descriptions wherever applicable.
  • While stating facts or numerical figures, please cite them with an adequate external link.

Feel free to use these guidelines as a checklist and, at last, verify if your content matches the criteria in this checklist. This will increase the chances of your content being accepted for our website.

What’s Next?

The Gray Bear holds the right to edit the article at its prudence. In case you do not receive any revert back from our end after a week, feel free to submit that particular article to any other website.

Why Did Your Content Not Get Approved?

Excessively Promotional Content

Remember that guest posting is a way to show your expertise in the field you write about. It attracts the readers in a better way. So, if you are willing to write for us, there should not be excessive promotional content, offers, or overuse of the company’s name. Remember that our readers come to read successful stories, tips, and advice on starting a business venture. This will help you to write relevant and useful content.

Previously Published Content

We do not post any content which has already been published on our website previously. Nor do we post any repeated topic with minor changes made by our guest writers. We only accept unique and original articles with high-quality content.

Plagiarized Article

We have zero-tolerance towards plagiarism and therefore stand on our grounds for 100% unique content in all of our blog posts. We do not accept any copied content on our website. It is a severe violation of the rules and policy and will lead to the deactivation of your account, ensuring no submission from your end in the future.

Misleading Information

The post should not include any fake information stating facts of content information. A writer should write quotes, external links, citations, sources of the information correctly. Always provide authoritative and reliable information from sources or Wikipedia.

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