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Have a friend or colleague who can benefit from our services? Earn $1200 for every new customer you refer!

you get $200 for every client you bring to us and their project is approved

Every time you bring us a client and their project is approved, you will receive $200

You will receive an additional $1000 once we complete the project with your referred client

Once we complete the project with your referred client, you will get an additional $1000.

Your referral will also receive 5% off the contract value

The client you have referred to us will also receive a 5% discount on the contract value.

How Does
Our Referral Program Work?

Step 1: Fill out the Referrer’s Form

To be a part of our referral program, you need to fill out a simple online application, which will let us know more about you. Also, please describe the company you are referring to, its nature of business, and the services it offers. Upon submitting the form, you'll receive a link via email, which you can share with your Referral using any preferred method.

  • Note 1: Any misleading information about the referral or referrer will make the referral program invalid.
  • Note 2: You can use the same link provided to you via email for all of your present and future referrals. We therefore encourage you to save the link for future use.
  • Note 3: Please make sure that you have read the Privacy Policy of The Gray Bear before filling out the form to understand how we use the provided information.

Step 2: Form Fill-up by Referral

Fill out an online application to let us know more about yourself and briefly describe the company you're referring us to or their IT project(s). Once you submit the form, you'll receive a personalized link that you can share via email or copy to your clipboard and share with the Referral via your preferred method.

Step 3: Earn from Our Deals

Once we finalize a contract with your Referral, they will get a one-time 5% discount on the services we provide as per their requirements. Moreover, as a Referrer, you will get $1000 once the Referral company has paid the entire amount.

Who is a good Referral?

Businesses of all scales operating across 40+ industries of our expertise are a worthwhile referral for us. This includes industries like healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, banking, transportation, retail, etc.  We are also enthusiastic to welcome promising and passionate startups in the market to work with our company. The Gray Bear values every referral, irrespective of their industry and size, and provides solutions that transform their business.

How The Gray Bear Helps Referrals?

Launching a full-fledged digitalization strategy to create an online presence of referral’s business through application/website development and maintenance.

Market analysis and research to understand the needs of the referral and strategize the digital products accordingly.

Increase the engagement of referral’s products by enhancing their UI/ UX design, ensuring a better experience.

Mobilizing referral’s enterprise by providing cloud solutions that secure the business infrastructure.

Developing hardware and software solutions that are specific to the requirements of referral through robust product engineering approaches.

Developing games that are specific to the requirements of the referral with eye-catching graphics and technologies such as AI and AR for an exceptional experience.