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We offer you to select the best developers who are pre-vetted and have the vast technical experience to build end-to-end futuristic apps solutions & software.

Full Time

8 hours/day, 5 days/week

Part Time

4 hours/day, 5 days/week

Hourly Basis

Pay as you go. (≥$18/hours)

Fixed Cost

Working on specific needs

Dedicated Developers
Specialize In

The Gray Bear has a complete team of industry-best dedicated developers. Check all the services in which our developers have their expertise.

Mobile App Development

Our top mobile app developers build high-quality next-gen solutions for various industries, keeping our clients’ custom requirements in mind.

Website Development

The Gray Bear has a team of talented website developers who apply the best strategies to optimize your idea and build high-quality websites.

Software Development

Our software developers are self-reliant in handling various complex software development projects with advanced features and functionalities.

Game App Development

Being a leading game development company, we specialize in building mind-blowing gaming and eSports apps that leave your users awestruck.

Full Stack App Development

Our full-stack developers are passionate and have knowledge of the front-end & back-end technologies to take your business to new heights.

Cross-platform App Development

We offer the best customer experience across all the platforms by developing powerful cross-platform mobile apps that function seamlessly.

Web App Development

We ensure to assist our clients right from analyzing the idea and creating an effective plan to building fully functional and powerful web apps.

Support and App Maintenance

Our dedicated team helps our clients to enhance & upgrade their existing systems and keep them updated with the latest technologies & trends.

Hire Talented Developers
from The Gray Bear

dedicated developers for hire
a team of dedicated developers

Multiple Skill Sets

Our developers have vast experience building apps using trending technologies, making them more efficient and valuable dedicated developers for hire.

Flexible Hiring

We curate highly workable and flexible strategies that enable our clients to hire dedicated developers seamlessly while integrating practices that nurture synergy.

hire skilled developers

Direct Communication

When you hire dedicated IT engineers from The Gray Bear, you can discuss your needs with the developer directly, ensuring no communication gap.

Working Every Timezone

As a part of global outsourcing, we never compromise on time zones. To offer better coordination between you and the team, we work in every time zone.


Our multi-talented developers strive hard to attain on-time delivery without compromising the quality of the app's infrastructure and functionality.

Years of Experience

Hire Dedicated Developers at Your Leisure

Handpick Your Own Team

Practice out-and-out control over the software development process by handpicking your team. Browse, interview, shortlist, select and hire developers at your discretion and build your own development workforce with custom-built development plans and strategies.

Complete Discretion
Less Time Requirement
Rapid Execution

Let Experts Handle Your Project

Let our consultants take care of your project and hire dedicated developers on your behalf. We follow an extensive and logical hiring process to pick out and deploy the best-of-the-best IT talent after carefully analyzing your project requirements.

Flawless Implementation
End-to-end Support

Diverse & Skilled Workforce

Outsourcing dedicated software development teams bring diverse viewpoints to building a complex solution. Hiring remote developers give you access to pre-vetted developers globally who take every responsibility for the project without micromanagement.

Reduce Turnaround Time

If it has a lower turnaround time, you have the maximum opportunity to launch your unique idea in the market before anyone does. Dedicated developers come with relevant expertise to help you tap into the industry with your desired quality app.

Reduce Overall Budget

Choosing remote developers means you can simply negate expenses like payrolls, pensions, medical coverages, infrastructure costs, etc. Also, the hired remote developers can work for as many days as you require them for your project.

Risk Mitigation & Emergency Response

The hired dedicated app development team uses Agile or Scrum methodologies to deliver the best solutions. They assess the risk proposition and scrutinize the complete mobile app development process to mitigate risks from slim to none.

Make Your Own Team



Mobile App

Web Design












React Native





The Process to
Hire a Dedicated Development Team

At The Gray Bear, we offer a simple hiring process to all our clients. This ensures it is easy to scrutinize and hire dedicated developers based on their technical and communication skills and select the best developers. Check our hiring process that includes everything to get dedicated developers and kick-start your project.

After you contact us with all the details, our technical expert will consult you to understand your requirements and your reason for hire dedicated developers. Our consultant will dig in more to identify the technical service you need and provide you with an estimated timeline.

Before you hire dedicated mobile developers, we ensure you get multiple options to find the right developer for your project. We screen developers according to your requirements and shortlist them for the next interview round. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

We will schedule interviews with developers so that you can ask as many questions as you want. Understand their knowledge of technical expertise and working experience in your industry. We also help you explore more options for hiring dedicated developers.

After you hire dedicated developers from our team, we will go ahead and finish the paperwork for you. This paperwork will document the hiring model you have opted for, the estimated development timeline, and the projected development cost. We also sign a mutual NDA to legally secure your idea's integrity and uniqueness.

We get you connected with the hired dedicated developers and the project manager who will be responsible for handling your project. They will constantly be in touch with you during the development process. Start your project by sharing your requirements.

Want to Hire Dedicated IT Engineers for Your Project?

The Gray Bear has the best team of web and mobile app developers you need to build best-in-class software solutions.

Hire Dedicated Programmers Today

Our Flexible
Hiring Models

We offer a flexible hiring model to ensure it fits your unique business requirements and estimated budget. Hire dedicated developers from The Gray Bear who are committed to delivering the best quality results to our clients in the turnaround time.

Onsite Dedicated Developers

We offer our dedicated developers to hire and help you resolve app development challenges within the estimated time period. Our developers can stay at your site temporarily or full-time.

Offshore Dedicated Developers

You can choose to hire a dedicated web developer or app developer from The Gray Bear to have full control over the team. Our developers need less training and can easily fit into your work culture.

Product Development

Build your own app development team that works full-time based on your requirements and guidance and helps you develop a full-fledged product. And once your project ends, release them instantly.

Awards &

top react native app developer 2021 award from topdevelopers
top app developers in India 2021 by businessofapps
microsoft certified professional
google partner
laravel certified developer
top mobile app developers 2021 by clutch

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Once you hire our top developers for your project, they will only work for you. This is the intention behind offering our dedicated developers to hire. Our developers are well trained to work on dedicated projects regardless of the hiring model. Whether you need a few hours of support or want to hire dedicated developers for a long-term project, our developers will ensure they work dedicatedly on your project for that specific timeline.

There are no hidden charges if you hire dedicated developers from The Gray Bear team. We ensure complete transparency while working on your project and do not surprise you with any hidden charges. In fact, we complete all the documentation work before commencing the project, where we estimate the mobile app development cost, ensuring there is no room for negotiations later. In case your project falls under the hourly price hiring model, we will be charging you on an hourly basis. In addition to this, we do not even charge you for offering QA and project management services. So yes, there is no hidden charge.

Yes, you can hire a complete mobile app development team. This includes technical developers, business analysts, UX/UI designers, and quality analysts. Additionally, we also assign one project manager who will handle your project and communicate with you regularly regarding the project update. Hiring a complete team will ensure you get a quality solution within less time to market because everyone will be well-coordinated to resolve the issues early on and make your project agile.

There are several conditions where it is not optimum for hiring full-time in-house developers. For instance, if you are dealing with a one-time project, then hiring complete in-house developers along with other resources is not justified as it involves a time-consuming hiring process and expensive infrastructure setup. Also, this distracts you from your top-priority work. On the other hand, when you hire dedicated developers from a development outsourcing company, you don’t have to face such challenges. Furthermore, the remote developers are highly-skilled and have professional experience and technical knowledge to deliver the best solution according to your requirements.

You have complete freedom to choose a developer of your choice if you are dealing with The Gray Bear. In fact, if you hire dedicated developers from our catalog, we will send you a bunch of resumes of shortlisted candidates for you to scrutinize. You have an option to take the interview with our developers before hiring them who match exactly your project requirements.

Yes, we will help you launch your application on your servers or the app stores. In fact, launching the app is part of our mobile app development process. Even if you hire dedicated developers from The Gray Bear, we offer you QA services to ensure the quality delivery of the bug-free solution. Our mobile app developers are well aware of the guidelines of the app stores, and they help you launch your app within the estimated timeline.

Yes, You can seamlessly upscale your team when you hire dedicated developers from TGB. Share your requirements and the number of developers you wish to hire for your project. Later our tech consultant will coordinate with you to discuss pricing and help you with a new contract where all the details will be mentioned.

Our mobile app developers use various communication tools to update our clients on their projects. We use Jira, Zoho, Trello, Basecamp, Skype, and emails to communicate with our clients. As part of a global outsourcing team, we are also open to using other communication tools for your project, considering their feasibility and ease of usage.

Yes. We prepare a legal contract where we mention all the details related to our long-term engagement. You can rely on The Gray Bear when it comes to hiring dedicated developers for a long-term project. We ensure a smooth hiring process, so you don’t face any issues while hiring and managing our talented developers.

The cost of hiring developers highly varies on a case-to-case basis. The hired developer's experience, technologies used for your project, hiring model, and project complexity are just a few of the many factors that can influence the development rate. You can consult with our experts to find out how much it will exactly cost to hire dedicated programmers for your project.

We work with integrity and honesty and always ensure to fulfill the given time commitment to our clients. When you hire dedicated developers from The Gray Bear, you get daily reporting of the hired programmer's tasks. We also focus on milestone-based code delivery to ensure the utmost accountability.

Yes, you can change the hiring model for your project after hiring the developers if you believe that your project requires more work or needs to be completed within a limited time frame. You can easily shift between full-time, part-time, or even hourly basis at your discretion to get the desired results. In case you wish to change the hiring model, our team will redesign the contract and other paperwork to fit the new hiring model.

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