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Our React Native developers at The Gray Bear combine state-of-the-art technologies, experience, and passion for building cross-platform apps for various business verticals.

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Best React Native App Development Company

Profitably thriving diverse businesses for our clients to satisfy their expectations and unique demands, we have marked ourselves as a leading web and mobile development company in the USA. When you choose us as your React Native app development partner, we will help you amplify your vision to build high-functioning apps for your business.

Our team of React Native developers is creative and talented in offering native-like experiences with tailor-made React Native solutions. Leverage our top-notch React Native development services to get ahead of the competition and build cross-platform applications that are rich in technology, performance, and scalability.


What We Do

Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

We offer you to hire dedicated React Native developers who will help you transform your idea into a reality that earns you early adopters and help you fulfilling your critical business requirements.

Business Concepts
Market Demand
Turnaround Time

Hybrid React Native Apps

Our React Native developers efficiently write code in one language to build hybrid apps that run natively on iOS and Android platforms, as well as on a browser using web technologies.

Source Code
Any Platform

Best React Native Developers for Hire

The Gray Bear is proud to have pre-vetted React Native developers who have strong mobile app development experience that encompasses everything like development, deployment, & maintenance. Our developers have a firm grasp of JavaScript & TypeScript languages, popular frameworks like Redux, and tools like XCode, Android Studio, & Gradle.

Hire a team of React Native developers from TGB who have an understanding of REST APIs, third-party integration, HTTP web service modules, and more to build high-quality hybrid apps. Here are the top services that we offer to build next-gen React Native apps.

Values & Ethics That We Stand For

TGB's work ethics are built on the pillars of values and principles that help us define.

We work together and grow together to enrich success. We value integrity and transparency throughout the development lifecycle and deliver results that are not just technologically but also ethically sound.

At The Gray Bear, we celebrate and promote diversification and respect it to the core. We believe different opinions in the workplace offer a variety of perspectives and increase creativity to deliver the best results to our clients. By cultivating diversity in the workplace, we instill respect for everyone, including team members and clients.

Being honest, open, and transparent often leads to a highly productive and effective work environment. We strongly believe that encouraging transparency in the workplace eliminates confusion and helps us to build trust among employees and clients. For personal and professional relationships to thrive, we maintain high levels of transparency.

We have always witnessed that teamwork made the dream work for TGB. This wouldn't have been possible without the support of our clients. We collaborate to work on the top projects that help everyone to attain mutual and long-term success. This ensures we unlock sustainable growth in the process with the collaboration of our clients.

Being enthusiasts and passionate about the work we do at The Gray Bear, we ensure our clients receive the best quality of web and mobile app development services. We commit to offering services that match exactly your vision and branding value. Also, TGB is a brand that values work ethics more than money when delivering quality results.


Industries We Serve


The Gray Bear brings the best React Native developers with wide domain knowledge to build next-gen financial solutions. We use technological innovations that cover FinTech industry challenges to drive maximum benefits. Check our offerings:

  • Forex App
  • International Money Transfer App
  • Cryptocurrency App


Our React Native developers ensure you receive the best e-commerce app development services to build a user-friendly and feature-rich app. It helps accelerate sales and drive long-term customer engagement with advanced e-commerce features. We provide:

  • E-commerce Backend Support
  • Supply Chain Management App
  • POS Solution

Healthcare & Fitness

We build top-notch health and fitness apps for Android and iOS using React Native and other trending technologies. Hire React Native programmers from TGB to build a solution that lets you track performance, measure improvements, and achieve goals. We offer:

  • Urgent Care App
  • Diagnostic Test Apps
  • Diet & Nutrition App

Real Estate

The Gray Bear offers the best React Native app development services to build progressive real estate app solutions for all the platforms, making it effective to buy and sell property in real-time. Our custom offerings in the real estate industry are:

  • Property Buy/Sell/Rent App
  • Indoor Navigation Real Estate App
  • Smart Home (IoT) App

eSports and Gaming

Our team of React Native developers have a deep knowledge of developing bespoke eSports and gaming apps for clients worldwide. No matter how complex your requirements are, we will help you build gaming apps according to your needs. We provide:

  • eSports League Management Solution
  • Tournament Streaming App
  • Betting and Gambling App

Event Management

Build a full-fledged customizable event management app with our React Native developers, who are experienced in integrating the best features and functionalities. Hire talented React Native developers from TGB and convert your idea into reality. We offer:

  • Cloud-based Event Registration App
  • CRM & Client Management App
  • Attendees Management App

Travel & Hospitality

Our React Native developers deliver user-centric hospitality & travel solutions that increase the number of your potential customers and boost business revenue. Get React Native developers from TGB to build your travel & hospitality app. With us, you get:

  • Trip Planning Mobile App
  • Transport Mobile App
  • Ticket Booking App

Media & Entertainment

The Gray Bear offers the best media and entertainment mobile app solutions using React Native that are explicitly designed to give you a competitive edge in the market. Contact us to hire React Native app developers for your custom project.

  • Movie Streaming App
  • Music & Video App
  • Media Distribution App

EV Charging

We have an experienced React Native app development team that builds OOCP-compliant EV charging apps. Without compromising on quality, we offer the exact solution that matches your business needs & objectives. Our React Native developers build:

  • EV Fleet Management App
  • EV Charging Billing Solution
  • EV Load Management App

Logistics & Fleets

Our React Native developers understand your business challenges to craft a perfect logistics solution that helps you manage delivery routes & dispatch schedules in significantly less time. Hire certified React Native developers to get the following offerings:

  • Fleet Management Solution
  • GPS Tracking App
  • Driver Management App
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Frequently Asked Questions

To your surprise, it is possible to convert or migrate your existing native app into a React Native application by reusing the code. However, you cannot copy the entire code directly. You must follow a definite React Native architecture and instructions when creating UI components. Hire a React Native development team from a leading mobile app development company like The Gray Bear to help you with the complete migration process.

To find and hire the best talent, you must visit websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Toptal. The pre-vetted React Native developers on these websites have a strong understanding of tech stacks, such as JavaScript & TypeScript languages, XCode, Android Studio, third-party integration, HTTP web service modules, etc. You can conduct the screening process to sort developers for the interview round based on their profiles, experiences, ratings, and work reviews. Shortlist them and further take their interviews to find the best React Native developer for your project. If you do not want to do this tiresome work, you can also choose to hire talented React Native developers from The Gray Bear in minimum time and cost. The Gray Bear is a leading React Native development company in the USA that offers the best services to build high-end solutions customized to your needs.

Yes, we offer the best React Native developers to hire for your projects with flexible models. Our developers are well-trained to work on any specific project, be it complex or simple React Native project, and can easily fit into your in-house team to work on the existing project. To hire a React Native app development team from The Gray Bear, contact us to consult your requirements and resolve all your queries. Upon finalizing the hiring model and tech stack, we shortlist some talented React Native developers. Then you are free to take as many interviews as you want to select the best React Native developers for your project. Once you finalize to hire a React Native developer, we sign an NDA and complete other documentation work to maintain transparency in the hiring process, estimated cost, and timeline.

Yes. The Gray Bear is a top React Native app development services provider, having experience working with several clients of different business verticals. To ensure your app development idea and proprietary information is safe, we sign an NDA. Also, we mention in our NDA that once your app is deployed, we will hand over your project's source code to you. We do not hold any rights to the source code once the app is launched.

The intention behind offering offshore React Native developers is to ensure you can personally guide and communicate with your hired developers. So, yes, you will have complete control over your React Native team if you choose to hire React Native developers from The Gray Bear.

Yes. Hiring a dedicated team of React Native developers from TGB is easy. With us, you get a complete React Native app development team to build custom solutions. All you need to do is contact us with your requirements, and we will help you hire the best React Native developers for your long-term projects. Our hiring process is smooth and efficient, so you do not have to invest much time in hiring developers from The Gray Bear. Contact us to know more about our hiring model, and we will walk you through the complete hiring process.

Usually, the React Native developers in the USA charge $50 - $100 per hour to build or maintain an app. Hiring a developer depends on multiple factors. This cost generally varies based on several factors, such as the complexity of your React Native project, features and functionalities you want to integrate, and the usage of third-party APIs for seamless performance. Compared to the US developers, at The Gray Bear, our remote React Native developers charge $18 - $20 per hour without compromising on the quality. Additionally, the average cost for building a React Native solution might go up to $10,000 - $150,000. Contact us with your specific requirements to outsource React Native development; this will help us to offer you a quote for your custom project.

Our dedicated team of React Native developers uses various communication tools to update the development progress. You will also have access to those tools to get real-time project updates and monitor the progress. At TGB, we are using Zoho, Trello, Jira, Basecamp, Skype, emails, and phone calls to update and communicate with our clients.

Yes, we understand that it takes efforts to sustain the ranking of an app in the market and more hardship to create a great customer experience at all times. Therefore, we offer our clients the best post-deployment maintenance services within the estimated budget and timeline. We are well-versed with the new-age technologies, tools, and trends to upgrade the performance of your React Native app and ensure your business thrives.

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