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About Project

Share That is an application that facilitates the users to find and connect with people near them. You can share your personal and professional information on the app and make connections based on your geo-location. Share That is developed with top-notch technology, making it a highly reliable platform for sharing confidential information.

You can connect with people within a radius of 800 meters by using the app, and get their information. This app makes finding people and socializing easy and helps build personal and professional connections on the go.

Application Objectives

The aim of creating a mobile application like Share That was to enable people to connect with each other based on their geo-location. As a result, the application requires strong API integration that facilitates users to share information with nearby people and connect with them.

However, it was equally essential to create a secure and reliable platform that the users can entrust with their personal information and details. For this reason, it is fundamental to give the ultimate information sharing authority to the users.

Challenges We Faced

Improving Preciseness of Radar

While developing the Share That application, it was challenging for our development team to set precise locations and radar and allow users to find people based on them.

Maintaining Integrity of User Data

The application required users to fill out and provide extensive details, most of which was sensitive data. Therefore, our team had to come up with a solution that facilitated users to share information at their convenience while also maintaining its integrity.

Our Solutions

We integrated Google Maps API to ensure that the users can find people on the app within the set radar. Our development team created a solution in which if a user moves out of the radar of another user, they will no longer appear on the application unless connected. This enables us to deliver the essence of the app, which is connecting with nearby people.

In order to ensure the integrity of the user's information, we differentiated the personal information and professional information features on the app. Moreover, the app users have the complete authority to only share the information that they wish to. Once you connect with another person on the app, all you have to do is request for specific information to your connection. The other user will decide whether they wish to share the particular information or not.

As a result, Share That is a highly discreet application that ensures user privacy is being maintained. Moreover, the app is functional in numerous aspects to create an overall platform for meeting people around you.

Final Results

Share That is an application through which you can find and connect with people nearby. Moreover, the users have complete authority over the information and can restrict its sharing at any point. This change in information sharing is automatically updated across all the connections of the users. The app has two sections for user profiles, which are personal and professional. One can use this feature to keep their private and professional information separate and only share the details they want to. This makes Share That a complete and reliable solution for connecting with new people.


The Gray Bear has been my partner in developing my application, Share That. I chose to work with TGB owing to their vast experience in app development and a promising portfolio of projects. Upon understanding my requirements, the project manager assigned to me gave valuable inputs that further enhanced my application’s features and it's value. The development and designing team created an app that was at par with my expectations and catered to my requirements. The whole app development process was transparent, quick, and highly efficient. It was a pleasure working with The Gray Bear, and I look forward to working with their team again in the future.

Founder at Share That
Disclaimer:  'Confidential' has been used in the portfolio to maintain the integrity of our client's intellectual property.

Technology Stack We Used

Programming Language
Networking Library

Share That: Social Connection App


The users can use the platform to find nearby connections and connect with them. They can also manage the information visible on their profile and find a list of their connections.

user module


One can get crucial insightful information about the application from the admin panel and use it as the basis of decision-making. Moreover, the admin can also view user information on the portal.

admin module

Colors & Typography

colors and typography

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