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About Project

Customer experience is an integral part of the food and beverage industry, and restaurants are always looking for ways to amplify the dining experience they offer to the customers. Fast Menu is a comprehensive and complete solution to this need of modern-day diners and restaurants. With this application, restaurants, cafes, and other dining outlets can enhance their customers' dining experience and generate customer loyalty and trust.

Owing to the use of the latest technology, the app aims to automatize, enhance and improve how restaurants operate and do business. In addition, the users can benefit from an upgraded dining experience and receive high-end services.

App Objectives

The application aimed to be a complete solution that enhances the performance and management of restaurants. Fast Menu is directed to implement the latest technology like QR code scanning and automated order taking for an enhanced dining experience. Moreover, the goal of developing the app also included accelerating the outlet's core functions like management of orders, staff, finances, etc.

Challenges We Faced

Integration of Multiple Modules

The application aimed to be a one-stop solution that catered to the needs of customers, staff, as well as restaurants. This required integrating multiple dashboards in a single app, all of which had their own distinctive features and functionalities. For this, it was necessary to create highly practical modules without compromising on the app's functionality.

Geo-Location Blocking

To maintain the efficiency of operations, it was necessary to restrict the users from ordering outside the restaurant. This was an essential step, as the application’s key feature was ordering through QR code, and the customers can always scan the code and leave the outlet. For this purpose, implementing location-based ordering restrictions was of high importance.

Our Solutions

Upon understanding the complexity of the application and acknowledging the divergent purposes it had in the sector, the team at The Gray Bear undertook the task of developing the app. Fast Menu was planned to be an application that enhanced the efficiency of food and beverage operations in a restaurant and offered a seamless dining experience to the customers.

We developed dashboards that served the individual needs of different application users. The customer dashboard enabled the users to utilize the latest technology such as QR scanning, online bill payment, order tracking, etc. Moreover, we developed two dashboards for the restaurant. One dashboard included a portal for staff to do their tasks efficiently, while the other facilitated the restaurant’s operation management.

Our team determined the boundary-based restrictions of customer’s ordering with accurate measurements. With this feature, if the customer device goes out of the predefined boundary after placing the order, the order will automatically get canceled. Moreover, the customers cannot place orders after leaving the pre-set radar. This ensured efficient and hurdle-free operations.

Final Results

Fast Menu is one of the most successful applications in the food and beverage industry. It is a complete solution for customers and business owners in the sector. The application has a global target market and is presently available for use in various countries. Ease of understanding, high functionality, high-end performance, and reliability are what make Fast Menu a tremendous market success.


The Gray Bear has been my partner in application development for creating Fast Menu, one of my prestige projects. With the sharp inputs of their business experts and extensive efforts of the development and designing team, the whole project was completed on time and with results that surpassed my expectations. Their inputs on the features turned out to be excellent for mine as well as my client’s business. Moreover, their testing technology, transparent communication, and dedicated availability towards my project only added to my satisfaction. It was an extremely pleasant experience working with the team, and I look forward to working on more requirements with them in the future.

Founder at Fast Menu
Disclaimer:  'Confidential' has been used in the portfolio to maintain the integrity of our client's intellectual property.

Technology Stack We Used

Real-Time Data Transfer
Laravel Framework
Google Map API Integration

Fast Menu: Next-gen Dining Solution


The customers can use the app to find nearby restaurants and dine in them. From placing the order to making payments and submitting reviews, the application is useful for users in numerous aspects.

customer module


The restaurant staff can work efficiently and manage the diners at the touch of a button. Fast Menu has integrated several features that ease the staff's work and provide a seamless customer experience by eliminating the communication gap.

staff module


In Fast Menu, the admin of the application is the owner of the restaurant., The app enables the outlet owner to access highly crucial information, which helps in making business-related decisions. Moreover, the admin can manage the staff, finances, operations, and more from the application.

admin module

Super Admin

The app owner uses the super admin dashboard to access highly critical information of the app and make decisions regarding its overall functionality. Through the super admin features, the app owner can manage the CMS as well as users of the app. Moreover, the app owner can also promote the platform by creating various offers like coupons and discounts.

super admin module

Colors & Typography

colors and typography

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