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About Project

Challvia is a highly enchanting game that strives towards benefitting the users by enabling them to earn while playing. Challvia consists of various quizzes and trivia that challenge the player’s knowledge and reward them based on the same. The winners are decided on three levels: country, state, and city.

Therefore, the game is for everyone who wants to earn money while playing. The brands can benefit by advertising themself on the game and are required to pay for the same. This increases their market visibility and helps them reach a wider audience.

Game Objectives

The game's core objective was to appreciate the users based on their knowledge and make the process of learning fun and rewarding. In addition, the game also had to digitally market the sponsor by displaying their advertisements to the users. Therefore, there was a need for an overall balance between user enjoyment and ample brand advertisement.

Challenges We Faced

Fund Transfers

The core concept of the game is based on the transfer of funds. Chillvia charges the brands in advertising costs and rewards the players for playing their game. Therefore, there was a need to integrate a payment gateway into the game. We also needed to maintain the integrity of the sensitive user information.

Balanced UI Design

Along with being ‘brand promoting’, the game also needed to be interactive and appealing to play. For this reason, the developers needed to balance the game's design. It was necessary to ensure that the contents of the advertisements and the game did not overlap and were in a subtle yet efficient balance.

Our Solutions

Our development team undertook the task of developing Challivia, a game with a high-end performance that allured a high number of players. We conducted in-depth market research that identified and curated features that offered a unique user experience.

We integrated the game with PayPal, through which the users can easily receive their rewards. Moreover, this made it easy for the brands to pay for the advertisements they wish to display on the platform. Moreover, our development team integrated the platform with Laravel technology to ensure the safety of sensitive information of users and brands.

We created the game's design with the advertising content by integrating Google Ads. The development team designed a game in which the video advertisements are displayed after the player finishes the game, which ensures maximum attentiveness and ad engagement. Moreover, the displayed advertisements were at par with the local market's demand, hence maintaining their relevance. Through this, we ensured that the content advertised to the players was engaging, and the advertisers reaped maximum benefits by marketing with Challvia.

Final Results

Challvia is a top-rated game that is known for its feature of rewarding the players and offering a seamless user experience. Moreover, the game is also an exceptional digital marketing tool through which the brands can reach out to customers with ease. This increases the brand's overall visibility and helps the users in getting top deals as well. This makes Challvia an overall solution for gaming, earning, and digital marketing.


Founder at Challvia

Challvia was my concept for creating a game that encouraged learning. I chose to work with The Gray Bear upon checking out their diverse portfolio of game development and designing, and various success stories of their clients. Thanks to the valuable inputs of the business analyst team and the thorough support of the project manager, the developed game did meet the bar I had set. Moreover, the new features suggested by the team TGB added value to my game, and contributed towards its success.

Founder at Challvia
Disclaimer:  'Confidential' has been used in the portfolio to maintain the integrity of our client's intellectual property.

Technology Stack We Used

Swift using Xcode 11.3
Java using Android Studio
Facebook Ads

Challvia: Challenge & Trivia Game


Users can interact with the game and expand their knowledge while earning money. Moreover, the game is developed with an algorithm that provides personalized advertisements to the users, increasing their overall satisfaction from playing the game.

player module


Advertisers undertake various crucial functions which help them to target their advertisements efficiently. This includes addition, modification, and removal of the advertisement's content and gaining insightful information on user's interaction with their ads.

advertise module

Admin Panel

The admin panel enables the management of all profiles on the game, which are of players and advertisers. It also generates crucial analytical data, which is helpful for strategic planning and decision-making.

admin module

Colors & Typography

colors and typography

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