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About Project

Distance and geographical constraints are two of the most common barriers which limit the scope of education. This project aimed to overcome and efficiently resolve these barriers by promoting online learning. With Teach Me 2 Online, learning enthusiasts from all over the world can find top-notch educators and connect with them.

Teach Me 2 Online is a go-to solution for not only academic education but also for hobby learning and creative interests. Find the best educators and learn remotely at your convenience with Teach Me 2 Online and benefit from online education.

Website Objectives

The website intends to be a portal that connects educators and learners from all across the globe. The educators can teach subjects of their expertise to a particular set of students. The teaching model is not limited to mere real-time lectures but also extends to webinars, recorded lectures, and podcasts.

Challenges We Faced

Creating a Dynamic Learning Environment

The client required an intelligent solution that acted as a medium for globally present learners and educators. To make online learning advantageous, our developers had to create an impeccable learning environment and integrate seamless features.

Maintaining Integrity of Learning Resources

The educators can upload a plethora of learning resources for the learners to utilize. However, the development team essentially needed to maintain the integrity of these resources. This was to ensure that unauthorized users are not accessing the resources and are breaching them.

Our Solutions

We integrated various advanced features such as live chats for doubt solving, seamless webinars for audiovisual learning, and consistent access to learning material. This enabled us to create a learning environment that promoted robust education.

The educators can increase the courses' efficiency by using various features such as attendance management, progress tracking tool, learning resource management, and online tests. We ensured that the education was effective, fruitful, and enjoyable through these features.

Developers used AngularJS and Node.js to develop a robust backend, enhancing and strengthening the website's overall functionality. Moreover, using AWS, we ensured to upkeep the security of the website’s data. This enabled us to overcome the concerns of theft and misuse of learning resources, as we have constantly tested and maintained the website. Through this, we ensured that only authorized users had access to the resources, maintaining their integrity.

Final Results

With the addition of unique features and integration of state-of-the-art technology, we developed a website that was at par with the client’s requirements. Our expertise and experience helped us overcome all the challenges and offer a website with flawless performance and the best user experience. The website significantly simplifies e-learning and promotes an educative and friendly environment.


The website integrates the features of high user experience with excellent functionality and is easy to use and operate. Thanks to the team of The Gray Bear, as they offered continuous support and outstanding solutions that further enhanced my website. The solution is up to the mark my requirements and beyond my expectations.

CEO at Teach Me 2 Online
Disclaimer:  'Confidential' has been used in the portfolio to maintain the integrity of our client's intellectual property.

Technology Stack We Used

Payment Gateway
Runtime Tracking
Google Analytics
PHP (CodeIgniter)

Teach Me 2 Online: Digital Learning Platform


The website is a dashboard for learners to log-in to and access its features. One can browse through various courses, select the desired course, purchase it, manage courses, track learning progress, communicate with educators, and more. This enhances the students' learning experience and fulfills the website’s aim of having an excellent learning environment.

learner module


A platform for the educators to seamlessly educate the subject of their expertise. One can create an instructor’s profile, manage their students, upload, edit, remove their learning resources, and keep track of the advancements in the lectures. The website eases the concept of e-learning and offers a convenient teaching approach.

educator module


The website admin can receive essential statistics and analytical information from the admin panel. Moreover, one can also access student’s profiles, teacher’s profiles, courses, payments and generate vital reports. This allows the admin to have an absolute management authority of the website and access all the information available on it.

admin module

Colors & Typography

colors and typography

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