A Platform for Mental
Well-being and Self-awareness

online platform to promote mental well-being and self-awareness

About Project

The current generation is leading a fast-paced life, resulting from which prioritizing mental well-being has become a challenge. This is not just increasing the cases of mental but also several physical illnesses all around the world.

Consequently, the need for a solution that promotes mental well-being is more than ever before. Entirely S.H.E is one such platform and is developed to be a women-focused mental well-being solution. The project delivers up to these needs through various modes and is well-recognized.

Application Objectives

While there is a plethora of physical wellness platforms on the internet, we rarely come across something similar aimed toward mental wellness. Owing to this factor, Entirely S.H.E is a digital solution that promotes self-awareness and mental well-being.

The platform aims to deliver up to these requirements by following a holistic approach to mental well-being and includes several features for this matter. Moreover, the platform enables the users to connect with other users having similar interests in mental wellbeing and create a virtual social community.

Challenges We Faced

Maintaining Server Load

Being a social networking platform, Entirely S.H.E was expected to face an immense server load. The platform is integrated with features like liking commenting and sharing posts. As a result, it was essential to optimally manage the server load and maintain the application's performance to deliver a high-end user experience.

Keeping Platform Relevant to Mental Well-being

Entirely S.H.E was developed to be a platform that aids the need for mental well-being and self-awareness. However, there was a high risk of spam posts on the platform publishing irrelevant or self-promoting content. As a result, we needed to integrate a solution that avoided this and ensured that the platform remains relevant to its concept.

Our Solutions

Our development team utilized various latest technologies to develop a high-end digital platform that delivers up to its objectives.

We used real-time data tracking and data analytics technology to ensure that the server was well-optimized and fast-performing. This allowed us to create a platform that can handle large traffic and offer seamless UX.

Moreover, in order to ensure that the platform remained relevant to mental wellness and is not being used for spam posting, we integrated it with AI technology. Our developers made custom code AI that has the ability to detect and automatically delete spam posts, therefore maintaining the quality of the application.

Using these high-end technologies and top-notch programming logic, our development team delivered to the client's expectations and successfully accomplished the development objectives.

Final Results

Entirely S.H.E is a cross-platform mobile application developed with the Flutter framework and runs on both Android and iOS platforms. The platform's admin panel is developed using Laravel technology to ensure a robust back-end and seamless platform management. One can use Entirely S.H.E as a tool to spread awareness on mental well-being and connect with people interested in the same. The mobile app's easy-to-use and aesthetically appealing UI design facilitates easy navigation throughout the different features.

Various features like guided meditation, activities, UniverCITY (pathway to attaining mental peace), books library, and activity tracker make Entirely S.H.E a complete solution for women's mental well-being.


I collaborated with The Gray Bear to develop a mobile app for mental well-being, Entirely S.H.E. The team was transparent and thorough with the communication and provided updates at every stage of the development process. Overall, I am pleased to have found a development agency like The Gray Bear and would recommend them to everyone with similar requirements.

Founder of S.H.E
Disclaimer:  'Confidential' has been used in the portfolio to maintain the integrity of our client's intellectual property.

Technology Stack We Used

Javascript Runtime
Programming Language
Web Framework

Entirely S.H.E: Self-awareness Platform


Entirely S.H.E is a complete solution for everyone looking to attain mental peace, gain self-awareness and improve the quality of their mental well-being. One can use various modules of the application for this purpose and fulfill this objective.

user module


Entirely S.H.E is a platform that aims to promote self-awareness using various app features. For this reason, the application's admin requires absolute control over the application's data and processes.

admin module

Colors & Typography

colors and typography

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