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For people who are interested in sports, knowing about the winning prospects of their favorite team is a crucial factor. However, there are very few platforms that actually facilitate this need. This is because estimating whether a team will win or lose is highly challenging.

'A Plus Tips' is a mobile application that aids this need and allows users to find the winning chances of the team they are supporting. This makes the application a complete solution for sports enthusiasts.

Application Objectives

The aim of creating a mobile application like A Plus Tips was to allow sports enthusiasts to find the chances of their favorite team winning a sports match.

The application has enlisted various types of sports. One can select the sports of their choice, find the upcoming match, and view the chances of each team winning the match; all of this in one application. This makes A Plus Tips a highly reliable platform for present-day sports enthusiasts.

Challenges We Faced

Real-time Data Updation

The probability percentage of a team winning a particular match depends upon its past performance. As a result, this data needs to be updated from time to time to give accurate results to the users. The application's admin had to timely update the data to maintain the application's accuracy and preciseness.

Managing Purchase Plans

The application enables the users to purchase plans based on the number of games they are interested in. However, this concept is overly complicated for the users to understand. As a result, there was a need for a solution that simplified the purchase plans and purchase system of the mobile app, therefore easing the platform's UI.

Our Solutions

A Plus Tips is a high-end mobile application developed using flutter technology. The application is highly useful for finding the winning prospects of a sports team and is known for generating precise results. The application is developed using technologies like Node.js and Socket.IO and is known for its high-end performance and functionality.

In order to allow the app admin to update the application's data in real-time, our development team custom-developed automated database management technology. The admin can use this technology to seamlessly update the data throughout the application using a Google Excel sheet.

In order to efficiently manage the purchase plans of the website, our business analyst team came up with a solution to bi-furcate plans into smaller sections. The users can choose a single or multiple plans per their preferences from these sections. This made it easy for our client to manage the purchase plans and offer a high-end user experience.

Final Results

In the present time, A Plus Tips is a complete solution for sports enthusiasts to find the chances of their favorite team winning prior to the match. One can make highly precise and evidence-based predictions and find their favorite team's chances of winning the upcoming sports match.

The platform is integrated with Stripe payment processor, which allows the users to make payments through various modes and purchase the plans they are interested in. A Plus Tips also facilitates the users to find the upcoming matches, tournaments, and leagues and is a complete solution for the sports industry.


I was looking for an app development company to create a mobile app for my project, A Plus Tips. While there were many companies to choose from, I found The Gray Bear to be an excellent match to my requirements and hired their team to work on the project. Upon understanding my requirements, The BA team came up with unique and functional features that added value to my app development project. Lastly, special thanks to Mr. Brijesh and the entire TGB team for their thorough assistance in the project, and valuable inputs, my project was completed on time and with optimum quality.

Founder of A Plus Tips
Disclaimer:  'Confidential' has been used in the portfolio to maintain the integrity of our client's intellectual property.

Technology Stack We Used

App Analytics
Payments Platform

A Plus: Sports Odds Calculator App


The users can use A Plus Tips mobile application to precisely estimate their favorite team's winning probability. Moreover, the users can also review the preciseness and provide their feedback.

user module


The admin of the application can add and update the winning percentage of the team, add matches, and undertake complete platform management. Moreover, the application's admin module also provides insightful data on user activity.

admin module

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